Here at Mojo Gems, we offer a wide variety of crystals and healing gemstones to bring peace and balance into your life and to help you along your journey. Let a crystal (or three) choose you and set your good intentions in stone with Mojo Gems healing crystals and handcrafted crystal jewelry. 

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Citrine: The Happy, Protective, Help-Me-Manifest-My-Dreams Crystal

A warm and comforting crystal, Citrine carries the energy of the Sun. It is a happy stone that helps you overcome anger, negative feelings, and fears replacing them with joy and optimism. 

Citrine is best known for its ability to attract abundance, prosperity, wealth, and success but it is also a wonderful crystal for boosting creativity, confidence, and self-esteem.

Because Citrine carries the power of the Sun, it is a great protector from energy vampires--keeping those with negative energy and intentions at bay. 

Keep the bad vibes from bursting your bubble and manifest your good intentions with this double-duty crystal. Get yourself a Mojo Gems Citrine crystal friend to bring along on your life's journey.