What Makes Crystals & Gems So Special? Here's the Mojo Lowdown

First, crystals and gemstones are something beautiful and magical grown from the ground we walk on every day. Pretty cool, right? For thousands of years, the powers of crystals have been harnessed to liberate physical, mental, and spiritual blocks.

Because our bodies and crystals both contain the mineral silicon-dioxide, we naturally respond to the vibrations of crystals. These vibrations positively interact with our Chakras, our body's spiritual energy centers, aiding with physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Every crystal has its own vibration, each one having a different effect on us. For example, Amethyst evokes feelings of calm and balance and helps clear our minds while Smoky Quartz aids in reconnecting us with the Earth and bringing stability back to our lives through grounding.

Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself here at Mojo Gems. Let one choose you.