Here at Mojo Gems, we offer a wide variety of crystals and healing gemstones to bring peace and balance into your life and to help you along your journey. Let a crystal (or three) choose you and set your good intentions in stone with Mojo Gems healing crystals and handcrafted crystal jewelry. 

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Weight: Approx. 9.1 ounces

Measures: Approx. 3-1/4" x 3" x 1-1/2"


You will receive the exact crystal shown in the photos.

Apophyllite Druzy Cluster

  • Apophyllite is pure light and is wonderful for restoring inner balance. It opens and aids communication with the Angelic realm. If you are looking to expand your natural gifts or to put your Guardian Angel on speed dial, Apophyllite is your girl. Apophyllite is also an incredible antidote for anxiety and is much cheaper than therapy. She is your sweet escape in this hectic modern world. Let Apophyllite absorb all your worries and look gorgeous while she does it.

    Chakra: All, Third Eye & Crown Affinities

    Apophyllite was discovered in the early 1880s and is nicknamed the “Ascension Stone.”