Here at Mojo Gems, we offer a wide variety of crystals and healing gemstones to bring peace and balance into your life and to help you along your journey. Let a crystal (or three) choose you and set your good intentions in stone with Mojo Gems healing crystals and handcrafted crystal jewelry. 

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Weight: Approx. 4 - 9 ounces each


Price is for one (1) piece.

You will receive one (1) of the pieces shown in the photos.

Rainbow Fluorite Wand, Double Terminated

  • Rainbow Fluorite is your girl if you are needing to recenter your thoughts and focus the mind. She will cleanse your chakras and provide emotional support to help ward off anxiety. She is also beneficial in providing protection psychic manipulation and attack.  


    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye


    History: Fluorite was used historically by the Chinese and Egyptians for decorative purposes.